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The 4 Zodiac Elements-Luxury Soy Tin Candles

The 4 Zodiac Elements-Luxury Soy Tin Candles

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An intermingling of 12 Zodiac signs and 4 Elements of nature captured in our luxury soy tin candles.

Dynamic Fire energy of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius , in Rosemary fragrance ,with Garnet gemstone.

Tangible and Grounded Earth energy of Taurus ,Virgo and Capricorn in Sandalwood fragrance with Black Tourmaline gemstone.

Communicative Air energy of Gemini ,Libra and Aquarius in Lavender fragrance with Citrine gemstone.

Emotional Water energy of CancerScorpio and Pisces in Bergamot fragrance with Aquamarine gemstone.


Lets light a candle for ourselves and our dear ones and dive into the Zodiac Elements!


Dimensions: 8x5 cms

Weight: 195 gms

Wax: Soy Wax

Burn time: 12 hours

Content: 4 metal tins

MRP: ₹ 1,600.00 INR (incl. of all taxes)

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